Introducing Comigama!

The comic strip re-imagined for today's mobile audiences!

• Fully interactive – just tap to play!

• Highly engaging characters and serial storylines!  

• HTML5 design plays across devices and platforms!

• As easy to embed as a YouTube video!


Super Mario Meets Doonesbury

Blending fun, addictive game play with rich characters and engaging humor, Comigama is a totally new, interactive comic experience.

Comigama comics look and play beautifully on the devices everyone's carrying in their pocket!

The Comics Come Alive!

Comigama is truly interactive – your taps propel the story, action, and humor.

And though whimsical, and seemingly simple, Comigama comics sublimely comment upon current social and political issues, such as environment, technology, and relationships.

Comigama comics are hip and relevant.  Yet their "big picture" perspective is timeless.


Tap to play!

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 10.43.15 AM.png

Just Plug and Play!

  • As easy to embed as a YouTube video
  • HTML5 design optimizes play across devices and browsers
  • Minimal dev involvement
  • Integrated analytics track performance

Build Brand, Increase Retention

  • New episodes every week
  • Serial storylines
  • Custom branding (such as pre-rolls)
  • Custom "end of comic" prompt button (such as linking to a "Subscribe" panel)
  • Custom sharing functionality

Created with Passion

Comigama is created by a talented team of artists and devs with a unique background in games, comics, and journalism.  

We've worked in social and mobile games at Google and TinyCo, and in journalism at The Washington Post and San Francisco Chronicle.  Early development of Comigama started at the Knight Journalism Fellowships at Stanford University.

We believe Comigama, with its digital-first vision, will bring the audience-building power and value of comics back to media organizations.


Gimme Gimme Comigama!

Play our amazing, new, interactive comic on your platform now!  It's easy!


Remember when the comics
empowered news organizations?

Newspaper comics like Peanuts, Doonesbury, and Garfield attracted millions of fanatical readers every day – driving audience, subscriptions and revenue.

Yet, with print's migration to digital, today's news organizations have left the comic strip behind – along with it's power to build and retain audiences.


Maybe it's because the comics haven't evolved to "fit" today's mobile media.

Until now...


Introducing Comigama!

The comic strip re-imagined for today's mobile audiences.